Principal Plus Interest Investment Portfolio

Consider this if: You have a short investment horizon or you’re looking to preserve your funds.

Maybe college years are just around the corner and your strategy is now about preserving capital. Or you simply would like to maintain a stable rate of return as you prepare for the eventual costs of qualified higher education expenses.

How the Principal Plus Interest Portfolio works

This investment portfolio seeks to preserve capital and provide a stable return. You may want to consider it if you have a short investment horizon and are looking for a conservative investment with a low-level risk.

Investment Name Risk Level Investment Objective Allocation
Principal Plus Interest Portfolio Conservative This Investment Portfolio seeks to preserve capital and provide a stable return.
  • 100.00% Capital Preservation

529 Fact

Be sure to periodically re-evaluate your investment strategy as your goals and investment horizon change. Your Path2College 529 Plan gives you the freedom to change your existing investment choices twice per year. For new contributions, you can allocate to different portfolio choices anytime.

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