Saving for college through work is an added benefit with no added costs

Provide your employees with another great perk

The ability for your employees to save for college through payroll direct deposit is a powerful added benefit, and a way to invest in your people.

Path2College 529 at Work is a win-win!

A convenient and affordable plan that works hard for you and your employees.


  • Integrates easily into your benefit plan
  • No contract or reporting requirements
  • No cost to employers to participate
  • Differentiates your employee benefits package


  • Helps maximize employee college savings with tax-deferred growth
  • Provides hassle-free automatic payroll direct deposit option
  • Helps simplify an important life savings goal by making it easy for your employees to save for college at work

Getting started is easy!

Check out the step-by-step payroll guide and other materials to help introduce the Path2College 529 Plan to your employees.

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